• Update #1

    gareth08/04/2015 at 03:42 0 comments

    Have been busy mulling over the various hardware elements and preparing to order parts.

    After looking at a few related projects here (well-watcher) I've decided to try an ultrasonic rangefinder-type device to detect a rising water level.

    I wanted to avoid any moving parts, which ruled out my original float-based idea.

    I was thinking about using a pressure sensor, where the rising water in a 'vessel' would cause the air pressure to rise, but I was unsure how I would calibrate this..

    Also switched to the APC220 radio module for better range.

    Should be ordering parts this week!

  • First Thoughts

    gareth07/01/2015 at 01:46 0 comments

    I see this having only two elements:

    Remote sensor assembly at the riverbank. This will need to be robust for the conditions but cheap enough to be replaceable if it gets swept away!

    Probably some kind of float or optical sensor to detect the level, with arduino and RFM69-type transmitter to signal the home unit.

    Power will have to be solar + LiPO.

    RFM69 as this has the range required. Signalling will be pretty simple and low bw.

    Arduino as I have most experience with this platform.

    Home Base unit. Should be pretty simple with radio-link receiver and microcontroller to activate the alert.

    Maybe add a remote-alert option (SMS/email/etc) later for when no-one is home.