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A project log for PiBot

A raspberry pi based robot using the raspberry pi camera and opencv for image processing.

Dennis JohanssonDennis Johansson 07/01/2015 at 16:550 Comments

This project started a couple of months ago so I've already done a lot of work. First step was to make a 3D model of the robot in Sketchup. By doing this I could easily plan the placement of components on the robot. After the 3D model was finished I purchased all the components needed. The RP5 tracked chassis has an internal battery pack (6* 1,2V rechargeable NiMH). I constructed a battery charging circuit based on the MAX713 charge controller and connected the battery pack to this board. I connected the output from the charging circuit to two individual SMPS-circuits, one 6V-output for the motors, and one 5V-output for powering the Raspberry pi and the servos. The Raspberry pi camera is mounted on a camera platform that allows both panning and tilting. The motors are connected to a PWM module that allows the motors to be controlled from the raspberry pi via hardware PWM. The raspberry pi is equipped with a WiFi dongle for easy programming over VNC. Speaking of programming, the robot will be programmed entirely in Python, mostly because I haven't tried python before and I wanna try something new.