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charliexcharliex 07/02/2015 at 03:580 Comments

putting together the Y/Z

i put this on the opposite side by mistake.

how much swarf comes out of the delrin

right way around, all but one wheel installed.

the bottom ridges of the eccentrics are shown


started feeling out the back plate.

add the wheels

and there's a problem, the nice cnc plates have two holes missing, there are four upper wheels, and only two holes.. so i figure lets try the badly made ones, whilst thinking to myself, this is going to be a mistake i should just add the holes.

two holes bad, four good.

so on to the other plate then, how bad can it be, its just finish rght? get the top side on, fits ok.

then fiddle around with it, take off the top wheels they all pop off, try to align bottom screws and eccentrics, take off back beam to able to get to the bolts.

sure enough, the holes don't line up so pretty much impossible to get those eccentrics in there without squishing the wheels, quick eyeball of the nicely CNC'd plate and it looks like it matches, so next adding holes to the back plate....i could just oval the holes but i'm sure there are other issues waiting for me with these SW3D plates.

and with that, time for a break. hung out in the HAD prize channel for a bit, that was interesting saw some cool projects.