Swapped to a different spindle controller

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charliexcharliex 07/21/2015 at 03:130 Comments

Picked up a different spindle controller, about $10.

old one below, new one above.

Says it is good for 300W,,spindle claims 400W, we'll see about that ;)

Wired it up power nearest the blue pot, and motor goes to LOAD, set the blue pot to zero and switched it on, spindle didn't turn so good so far. Turned the pot and the spindle popped into life.

This one actually says 0-5V PWM, but what the heck lets try it anyway

PWM + GND from TinyG

Added to motor controller and moved yellow jumper to J21

fired up chilipeppr

M3 S2000

and it jumped into life, set it to off with


and it turned off, so great so far! Much better than the other one which would have the spindle on all the time.

Here are the settings i have.


[p1frq] pwm frequency              5000 Hz
[p1csl] pwm cw speed lo               0 RPM
[p1csh] pwm cw speed hi           10000 RPM
[p1cpl] pwm cw phase lo           0.000 [0..1]
[p1cph] pwm cw phase hi           1.000 [0..1]
[p1wsl] pwm ccw speed lo           1000 RPM
[p1wsh] pwm ccw speed hi           2000 RPM
[p1wpl] pwm ccw phase lo          0.125 [0..1]
[p1wph] pwm ccw phase hi          0.200 [0..1]
[p1pof] pwm phase off             0.000 [0..1]