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DIY System on Chip based on FPGA, priced below 5 USD

Antti LukatsAntti Lukats 10/01/2015 at 17:445 Comments

Measurements in millimeters!

  1. WS2812B compatible footprint
  3. 256KByte SPI Flash with multiboot option
  4. 2x LDO (Core and VIO)
  5. One use LED


Pete wrote 10/06/2015 at 23:44 point

When I get a chance to play with some WS2812Bs, I wanted to see what it would take to create a splitter with a delay on one leg.  Instead of running strips left-to-right, then right-to-left, and so on to create a grid, I'd like to see a splitter that sends the signal down one path without delay, but strips off a user-settable number of pulses before duplicating the remaining pulses on the other path.  Visualize a comb rather than a snake...  I suspect a modification of this platform could easily accommodate that capability. 

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Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 10/07/2015 at 04:08 point

That's one possibility but it's still more interesting to have parallel outputs with more aggregate bandwitdth. One WS2812 has only 100KB/s bandwidth and can delay the source logics.
And this board only has 2 GPIOs... a DISPY is better adapted.

Now, you could configure one of the tiny PLCC6 boards to start transmission after a configurable delay and this would be quite practical for certain medium sized arrays. Large arrays would still be limited by the total length of the strip (30K LED/second, 1K LED for 30fps)

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Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 10/01/2015 at 18:11 point

I see what you're doing here. PLCC4 ? ;-)

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Antti Lukats wrote 10/01/2015 at 18:25 point

no, it is WS2812B the smart LED size, it is bit larger than PLCC4 ..

You take stripe of WS2812B and replace one with the SMART one, and then you can use say UART protocol to control the WS2812B stripe

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Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 10/01/2015 at 18:28 point

PLCC4 = PLCC6-2 ;-)

This project should have its own page here !

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