Shortwave Radio Alert

Using an Raspberry Pi connected to a shortwave radio to monitor shortwave activity and produce an alert when there is activity on the radio.

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Shortwave radio listening is still a popular hobby but the number of shortwave broadcast stations have been greatly reduced in recent years. Another factor is space weather conditions and recently these conditions have greatly reduced the ability do receive long distance broadcasts (DXing). This project would be based on the Raspberry Pi microcompute, initially. The Pi would be connected to the shortwave radio to monitor a given frequency. Once the Pi detected activity, it would create an alert in some fashion to let the operator know that something might be happening on the frequency. This would allow the user to have the volume turned down until the alert was made. Once the design was completed to could be moved to a much cheaper device. Secondly the Pi could be used to monitor Space weather via the internet and alert the hobbyist that conditions are right for using his shortwave radio. This could be used on any radio to monitor any frequency for activity.

  • Video Status

    Tom Stiles07/28/2015 at 18:06 0 comments

    The keyboard and monitor should be here this weekend. I will do a short video of my progress this weekend and will be looking for comments and suggestions.


  • Power Needed

    Tom Stiles07/28/2015 at 18:04 0 comments

    Eventually, I will have to consider powering this unit. Since the final demo unit will be small and will be placed next to the shortwave radio, I need a power device that is small, does not introduce RF noise and is easy to replace or recharge. Looking for suggestions.

    Thanks for your time,


  • Arduino Programming Help

    Tom Stiles07/28/2015 at 18:01 0 comments

    I am looking for help programming an Arduino. I have found a local Maker group which has a microcomputer group. I just missed their meeting this week and will have to wait another month for the next meeting. I have tried to contact some of the members of this group with no response so far. Looking for people who could get me started with the Arduino programming or if someone could recommend good book that would get me started.

    Thanks for your time,


  • Development System

    Tom Stiles07/28/2015 at 17:57 0 comments

    i have ordered a small USB keyboard and small LCD display for development to say space in the workshop.

  • May Use Arduino - Cost

    Tom Stiles07/28/2015 at 17:51 3 comments

    I am thinking that I can reduce the cost by using an Arduino microcontroller instead of a Raspberry Pi. Looking for suggestion and someone to help me with the coding.

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Tom Stiles wrote 07/06/2015 at 14:48 point

I am looking for a small monitor (5 to 7 inches) with audio capability to replace full size computer monitor and powered speakers.  Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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Eric Wiiliam wrote 07/06/2015 at 21:20 point

Depends on the input you would like to use.  If you want something local and just works- Go to the Adafruit Shop and look in the LCD/Display area.  Several options.

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