PIC16f1705 Spectrum Visualizer

A stereo 7 band spectrum visualizer using PIC16f1705,MSGEQ7 and WS2812B LED's

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A project I've been wanting to build for a while. A spectrum visualizer.
I've been looking on a few alternatives but since I have been working on WS2812B led's lately I figured I wanted to make a display with those. And since I've been looking into MCU controlled visualizers.

The basic idea is to use two MSGEQ07 7-band filters to convert the audio signals to DC signals I can feed into the ADC of the PIC16f1705. After that I will have the PIC read, convert and adjust the Data for the WS2812B.

To transfer the data to the leds the PIC will use it's CLC module to mix the SPI data with PWM and some logic gates to create the very spesific 800kbs protocol WS2812B uses. I have already tested with a PIC18f14k50 this and it works well with external gates and diode logic.

For the display unit I plan to use 14 WS2812B premade led strips with the 144led/m density, each strip being half a meter long. I'm going to have them organized in two groups, one for each channel.

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