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M.R. IncM.R. Inc 09/26/2015 at 12:400 Comments

Hello again,

so I think it is about time I post another update haha.


Do not try this at home unless you know what you are doing and have experience in this field - 120/240v CAN KILL!


... Now that is out of the way, lets get messy :D

So due to our South African Load Shedding problem, I have made my own ATS (currently MTS) switch over system for my house.

* By using a white plug instead of connecting directly with the main DB board: it stops me from having to pay an electrician to COC the work as well as getting a 9000 ZAR (That's a lot - a 2.5Kva petrol generator (with AVR and electric start) is 5000 ZAR) SABS approved switch over panel and generator installation certificate.


* TS = Trip Switch - (10-20AMP)

* RP = Red Plug

* BP = Blue Plug

* WP = White Plug

* ISO = Isolator (2 pole - 20AMP)

* UPS = Online 3Kva Rack Mount UPS

* SRG = Surge protector, any type should do, I am using a VM280 3 phase set.

* I bought all my parts from MCE (

So here is my wiring design:

And of course, some pics:

(No comment on the mess of the wiring please :D - I was waiting for a part but needed the system to work for now, will upload some more pics when it is completed. - Hopefully by the end of tomorrow)