Even worst then skulling yourself: Follow Yourself

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A hack based on "HTML Injection". Useful when you want an online editing feature that is not available otherwise. Might work on any Website.

rogeorgeRoGeorge 07/16/2015 at 14:480 Comments

This is just to alleviate the guilt for skulling yourself.


How to follow yourself

JavaScript:$.ajax({url : "/hacker/10287/follow", method : "POST", timeout : 15e3, data : {_csrf : csrftoken}})

Note: Some browsers use to mangle the word "JavaScript:" from the Address Bar. If you use copy/paste, before pressing Enter, check that the first word in the Address Bar is indeed "JavaScript:". If not, add it manually, so the text in the Address Bar will be the same as in the example. You may want to change the profile ID with your own profile number.