Simulated jalousie door

A full scale jalousie door with white LEDS in the slits. Virtual people are passing by at random, 24/7

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This project is haunting me for years, I must build it someday. It's a 1:1 scale jalouse door, not more than 2 cm thick (attached to the wall), with virtual passers-by. It will create the crazy atmosphere in my room (no, I'm not a lunatic, just call it the art project).
I need about 3000 individually addressable LEDS, four in each slit. The small controller will be hidden at the door frame.
I shall invite 50-100 of my friends (...of a friends) to walk in front of white screen and take AVIs with the 200 frames/sec camera. Then I shall split them in frames, process each of them to a binary B&W, compress and load them to MCU program memory. The firmware will run them at random.

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J.D. wrote 07/06/2015 at 21:30 point

I want one...for an experiment in psych class...

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