New Software available - Processing interface

A project log for Eye of Horus, Open Source Eye Tracking Assistance

Interacting with objects just looking at them has always been a dream for humans.

Makeroni LabsMakeroni Labs 09/20/2015 at 22:250 Comments

We have created several DEMOs using processing as software interface.

The main DEMO is a calibration test that allow to connect frontal camera with eye camera.

This is a small video and some photos where the user calibrate the Eye of Horus system:

You can see all the software in our GitHub:


First prototype of the Eye of Horus.


This version 2 of "The Eye of Horus" contains major improvements in Hardware and Software.

We organized the repository in version_1 and version_2 folders as a clear way to see the historical evolution of the project.

For additional information please check also the version_1 folder.