Quantity   Component name
1 × VoCore v1.0 VoCore is a coin-sized Linux computer with wireless capabilities. It is also able to work as a fully functional router. It runs OpenWrt on top of Linux and contains 32MB SDRAM, 8MB SPI Flash and using 360MHz MIPS processor.
1 × Power circuit It includes a system DC/DC which supply 5V to the circuit thanks to a lithium battery.
2 × Webcam Camera A small size USB endoscope camera was disassembled to remove the infrared blocking filter and replace it with a band pass filter with the oposite effect. This task was complicated due to the small size of the optical elements.
4 × IR leds infrared leds are responsible to illuminate the eye. The pupil is an aqueous medium that absorbs this light and results in a dark spot clearly visible in the images.
1 × Bandpass filter Lens that filters the non-infrared frequencies of light emphasize the monochrome effect and prevents ambient light from affecting the system.
1 × 3D printed parts The casing was designed to integrate the electronic components of the system. It consists of several 3D printed pieces to hold and position the camera, the infrared lights and allocate the electronics and batteries.
1 × USB Hub Hardware Circuit In order to manage both USB cameras.
1 × Lithium battery 500 mA lithium battery