• August, 2015 Update

    bithead94208/27/2015 at 22:20 1 comment

    After much research, I think I've finally settled on the SuperDroid LT2 Tracked ATR Robot Platform for this project. Other tracked platforms were too small to meet the requirements, This one meets the requirements, but is a bit out of my price range. Now, how do I justify the $3500USD purchase??

    I've also decided to use a Linear Actuator that I already own to keep the sensor close to the ground. It's specs: 100mm, 12V, feedback, 29mm/s.

    I'm thinking of using a Lidar Lite module detect ground height to give feedback for adjusting the Linear Actuator. I've used the Lidar Lite module on another project and confirmed it works well in direct sunlight (unlike other IR range finders).

    I'm thinking of using Carbon Fiber rods for the main horizontal beam. It's strong, light-weight and non-metallic so will not interfere with the metal detector sensor. I'll use a flange to mount a vertical carbon-fiber beam vertically on the robot chassis and attach the Linear Actuator and counter weight behind the pivot point for balance and adjustment.