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A project log for RGB to Component/S-Video/Composite Converter

Plugs directly into an Apple IIGS, or you can adapt it to your needs.

Scott AlfterScott Alfter 02/26/2018 at 22:420 Comments

Figured out enough to model the CXA2075 from the datasheet, with a workflow that goes from OpenSCAD to MeshLab to Wings3D to KiCad, as described here:

I pretty much just took the example and modified the parameters to match up with the datasheet.  The trickiest part was colorizing the model in Wings3D, as its UI is a :-|

Once I had that done, I found that the footprint I created could use some adjustment, so I tweaked it, reworked the surrounding traces, and redid the board render.

As another option for generating 3D models, I took a look at Regard3D:

It did surprisingly well with a small set of low-resolution photos provided as an example.  It'd be interesting to put a part on a lazy susan, spin it in front of a DSLR, and see what kind of models that method can produce.