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A project log for RGB to Component/S-Video/Composite Converter

Plugs directly into an Apple IIGS, or you can adapt it to your needs.

Scott AlfterScott Alfter 02/28/2018 at 06:511 Comment

The models I could find for the component output connector had the pins off to the side.  The CUI RCJ-32256 I've used in the past and the "Won Hung Lo" equivalents I have on order have the pins centered on each connector.  I ended up taking the model for a single-jack part from CUI and cloned it in FreeCAD to get three of them, 15 mm apart.  Apply color to match the Won Hung Lo connector (it has Y and Cb swapped vs. the order on the CUI connector), export it to .wrl, pull it into pcbnew, rotate and align it, and call it a day.


Pablo M wrote 04/13/2018 at 02:48 point

How is going this?

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