timing problems fixed!

A project log for 4 bit computer built from discrete transistors

This project is an attempt to teach myself about the inner workings of computers. Naturally I started from the bottom up.

zaphodzaphod 02/22/2015 at 17:401 Comment

I changed the timing of the computer. rather than trying to execute an instruction on every clock cycle, I broke up the clk into two parts. a program counter clock and a load clock. diagram:

as you can see the program counter is incremented every other clock cycle. in stead of ANDing the clk and CMD (load @ instruction above) to produce the load @ signal I am now ANDing the load clk and CMD lines. another way of looking at it is that instead of trying to increment the program counter and write data in one clock cycle I am now incrementing the program counter in one clock cycle and writing data in the next clock cycle. the necessary logic is pretty trivial, basically a d flip flop and some gates, but the result is a working command! yay! also I'm pretty sure that since the above solution worked the double blip hypothesis was correct.



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zaphod wrote 02/23/2015 at 21:11 point

well there's probably some way to compress the game into 128 bits of code, right? 

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