Post Processing 3D Printed case for Premium Finish

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The Tick Tock Timer is a School Bell timer packed with features

jasper-parkerJasper parker 09/16/2017 at 04:130 Comments

I have developed a way to get a premium finish on the 3D printed cases.

Currently I am only using the premium cases when selling direct to Australian schools/business's, not for bulk wholesale orders to re sellers overseas because of the time it takes to do and lower sales value.

The process involves Automotive High Fill Primer and Sandpaper

My process is as followed

Raw untouch 3D print. Typical layer lines visible.

3 coasts of filler primer with a light sand. Layer lines all filled with original plastic showing though on some edges.

2 more coats of filler primer with very light sand. All surfaced are now filled and polished looking. Actually feels and looks better than low cost injection molded plastics.