My lens holder uses mostly standard Lego parts except for the shock absorber brick. The reason I used this brick is that I was a bit concerned that some of the lenses seem fairly thin and fragile. The spring is weak enough to just hold the lens in place without having to worry about accidentally cracking the lens by applying too much pressure to hold the lens in place.

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Parts needed

2605c01 Brick 1 x 2 x 2&1/3 Shock Absorber Complete, Modified with Spring Unit <br />

1 Small Pulley

1 Technic axle 3

1 Lego plate 1 X 4

1 Lego brick 1 X 2 with cross axle hole (970631)

2 Lego plates 1 X 1

2 Lego plates 1 X 6

2 Slope bricks 1 x 2, 45 degrees

2 Lego bricks 1 X 6

10 Lego bricks 1 X 1

Here’s how I built my Lego optical lab lens holder for the smaller lenses salvaged from the computer projector:

I took a couple of shots to demonstrate how the lens can be used to magnify a laser beam. I used the beam splitter to compare the size of the laser dot on two different paper targets. The Laser dot on the left target is unmodified and the dot on the front target is magnified by one of the smaller lenses depending on its distance from the prism.

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