After a search & rescue for the rogue scrap pieces hiding, we tossed them in a pile on the floor and started our game of analog Tetris.

We decided to use an IKEA Expedit as the base which is about 15.5" x 60" and give it a roughly 36" x 60" top.

I had a 20" x 8' piece of MDF which I cut down to 2 @ 36" & added another scrap of MDF. The subframe is 2 parts, made to fit and lock on top of the Expedit using scrap 2x3 and 2x4's. Each part measures 24" x 19" - 2x3's across the top, 2x4's on the outside.

With the 3 pieces of MDF laid across & nailed onto the subframe, it's just a matter of trying out (obsessing over) different pieces from the pile until we got something that fit the concept.

Next steps: Finish layout and trim, mount to Expedit, install sound exciters under table top and input jack on edge trim, route logo into table top & fill with resin, pour thin coat of resin over entire thing if needed to create level surface