Four phase clock generator

A project log for AYTABTU - Discrete Computer

After the apocalypse we have to build computers from stuff we can make at home, I.E Transistors, diodes and resistors.

matsengmatseng 08/26/2015 at 06:090 Comments

I'm not 100% sure of what I will need in terms of system clock, but this pcb will hopefully satisfy the needs.

It outputs a four phase clock and can either be running normally or single stepped per phase or single stepped per instruction cycle (all four phases per step)

I'm still waiting for a delivery of SMD diodes to finalise the soldering...

The routing between the individual nand gates will be done at the backside of the board with the wires coming up and going down in the nearest hole.

The board generates two types of four phase clocks divided down from a master clock (a 8 MHz transistor based Pierce oscillator that will be built Manhattan style on the empty space of the pcb)