IRIS - network radio with alarm clock

IRIS is yet another network radio based on Rasbperry Pi. This time with
an alarm clock and some reading skills.

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IRIS is network radio alarm clock based on Rasbperry Pi model A+.
It's built into case of cheap radio alarm clock.


- streaming network radio streams (MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC)
- scroll track and station metadata (if avaliable)
- display basic VU scope/meter
- alarm clock using radio streams or internal alarm sounds
- sleep timer (auto-off after specified period of time)
- snooze timer
- scrolling RSS channel feed on display
- reading RSS channel feed
- telling time every hour
- audio out to internal speaker or bluetooth speaker
- setup - basic settings from keypad/display, and more advanced options through shell commands or admin web interface (not ready yet)
- all keypad keys have (more or less) the same function as in original alarm clock

IRIS demo's on youtube:

Streaming on internal speaker:

Streaming on bluetooth speaker:

Waking up, preparing and reading RSS channel:

Hardware components:

- Rasbperry Pi A+

- NVRAM+RTC module (separate PCB): Atmel 24C512+DS1397

- Internal speaker amp module (separate PCB): NE5532

- Balanced PSU for internal amp (separate PCB): LM2577 S ADJ + ICL7660, with on/off switch controlled by GPIO pin (via solid state relay)

- Display: Winstar WEH001602 16x2 OLED in SPI mode

- Keyboard module: original keyboard PCB from the clock, with modifications

- Internal speaker: Visaton FRWS 5R 5cm wideband speaker

- WiFi and bluetooth access: any Raspberry Pi compatible WiFi/bluetooth USB sticks


IRIS is appliance built on Nard Linux (

- System runs from initrd with minimal necessary configuration: kernel and a few essential processes

- No filesystems are mounted during normal operation - you can switch IRIS on and off at will without damaging filesystems

- All system settings are stored in NVRAM chip (Atmel flash)

- IRIS firmware can be easliy updated using firmware images. (Initial sdcard image is about 40MB, firmware images are about 35MB).

- 70MB of RAM is used out of 256 avaliable in RPi A+ model. Most of RAM is taken by resident Initrd image (about 40MB).

Core of IRIS is application developed in C, using following technologies:

- BASS library for streaming music

- libXML for parsing RSS feeds

- Pico TTS for TTS features

- libmicrohttpd and GNU TLS for secure web admin interface

IRIS runs Kernel 3.18.12 with RT-PREEMPT patches.


- finish admin web interface

- implement REST-like API for config/control (possibly from android/IOS app)

- add Spotify support and possibly support for other music services

- add nice spectrum analyzer

- maybe add voice recognition/voice command support

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