Well thats been a time....

A project log for reiREXcarnation

Unbricking and Fixing the IREXes DR1000S Ebook Reader. And on the way maybe learn more about this extinct Freak of Nature kinda Ebook.

Horst BorstHorst Borst 11/01/2015 at 23:010 Comments

After some tinkering with the mechanics of a flexible testpin holder i put the idea aside and got back to

the device itself. The power and battery management are the first candidates id like to look at more closely.

I dumped the idea of the arduino as main "logic sniffer" and am about to build up a beaglelogic .

Since i dont have a cape i decided to build a proto cape with the TTL converters i have laying around.

Ill report back and update the project when i get the first i2c dumps of the DR1000S.