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Bob BaddeleyBob Baddeley 11/05/2015 at 02:421 Comment

I thought I had learned my lesson with the first museum exhibit I developed; don't use buttons because people, especially children, are brutal. So I moved to capacitive touch buttons. And I thought that would solve the problem. A single sheet of acrylic in front of each column of elements would be easy to clean, would provide a nice interface, and wouldn't have any mechanical problems. Well, it does all those things, but presented me with a billion other problems.

I need help figuring out how to get the cap touch to work for the elements. Here's how it's configured now:

This works. Usually. It worked in testing just fine. However, when I installed everything at the museum, things went crazy. Here are some of the problems:

I spent a lot of time playing around with different sensitivity values for this, but I'm worried that it doesn't matter because each element seems to behave differently. I'd really like a consistent configuration because putting them in and taking them out of the installation is difficult, so tweaking each element would be horrible.


Mike Turvey wrote 10/31/2016 at 18:54 point

This comment may be far too late to help, but something I've considered for a touchless sensor in the past has been an IR distance sensor.  If the acrylic isn't too opaque or foggy in the IR spectrum, it might be a more reliable choice.  (i.e. something like:  Instead of instructions to "touch the button..." you'd have to say something like "wave your hand here..."

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