Baba Yagi - Shrouded Yagi Antenna

Designed to extend Wi-Fi range as far as possible.

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My significant other is currently living out in the sticks, the boonies, out in the middle of nowhere. She has no internet, no cell reception. She's living in a digital wasteland. So I decided to fix that.

After doing research on various antennae, including a rather nice article from hackthissite ( thank you AmazingRed! You are in fact, amazing.) and this instructable ( I've decided on the Yagi design.

It's a rather simple prospect, get some plexiglass, some copper tape, a spool of 18g copper wire, some PVC, and a length of RP-SMA coaxial cable. Oh, and of course the Wi-Fi adapter dongle to connect it to. (That is why RP-SMA specifically, it's the connector on the dongle.)

When all is said and done I hope to extend her Wi-Fi range far enough to find an unsecured connection that she can ask permission to use.

The image is not mine, it is from Google.

Parts List


  1. Length of Plexiglass
  2. Copper Tape, 1/4 inch * 30 yard spool
  3. 18g Solid Copper Wire, Bare
  4. RP-SMA Coaxial Cable, 10m of
  5. RP-SMA Male ended coaxial cable, 1 foot of
  6. USB Wi-Fi Dongle

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