Initial task and question list

A project log for Connected Electricity Monitor

An "Internet of things" electricity monitor for the home that brings goal-setting and social competition to electricity conservation.

Jamie HowardJamie Howard 07/09/2015 at 01:580 Comments


  1. How do smart meters hook up to electrical circuitry in a home?
  2. Will an Arduino-based solution have a problem with interacting with such a large voltage?
  3. How will the user change preferences and settings on the device?
  4. What components are necessary for user to interact with monitor?
  5. How much information should be shown on the monitor's screen?
  6. What is the device's optimal size in order to facilitate user interaction well?
  7. Research possible patent issues


  1. Determine minimal viable product scope
  2. Plan the API endpoints
  3. Architect database schema
  4. Set up temporary hosted server
  5. Wireframe user interface
  6. Outline possible, future use cases to determine marketability.