A tiny clone of R2D2 made from junk

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A few weeks ago we started a Star Wars rol with some collegemates, we though that it would be nice surprise for our group if we were to bring 'live' to an NPC who comes always with us.
This is a surprise so don't tell anyone from our group! It's important, we won't be able to play again as we are in summer and some players returned to their hometown.

The control is made over UDP packets. They're not very reliable, but as we well always be in sight of it, it shouldn't be a problem. Aside from moving, it has features like the song of Cantina and of course the main theme from Star Wars. Also a fully functional radio. A servo controls its head and it features an amazing totally normal blue LED. No holo projector, sorry. ;( Had to keep it in budget.

  • 1 × ESP8266 ESP12F
  • 1 × PCB Made with kicad. We¡ll update after testing it.
  • 2 × DC Motor From old CD drives.
  • 1 × SG 90
  • 1 × Can Empty, of course. The bottom has been severed, we use it to introduce the electronics.

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  • Controller

    Astu07/16/2015 at 16:20 0 comments

    We picked the ESP8266 thinking on it's WiFi and all the possibilities that it could bring to our project.

    We have chosen Android as the controller, though it would be easily portable to iOS, Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux, etc, as it's as simple as UDP packets.

    It isn't very reliable, but as we have visual on R2D0 we can press the button again. In some cases, as the LEDs on the head, it even replies back and the button switches to red or green, depending of the state.

    There is a slider which goes from 1 to 100, it controls the speed. It has problems starting the motor under a certain value which depends on the voltage, but we aren't thinking on fixing that yet, as this way we can start it on 50% and then switch to 10%, that way it can walk slower.

    In the gallery we have an screenshot of the controller.

    We can easily add more buttons, delete or hide them, as we try to make it an universal remote for our robots with ESP8266. So we can copy & paste all the controls and the code and only modify a few options. For example, in a another robot we wouldn't need the radio options or the servo, but we could activate the line follower mode if that robot would have it.

    Link to the app in the Play Store:

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