AOLT-Another opensource lasertag

Another opensource lasertag that is pretty shitty but works.

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This project is pretty old one year or so. Never published it. But thought why the hell not maybe somebody finds a use for it. Already wrote some of documentation back then. This was the idea behind it back then:
I’m a big fan of playing lasergame. Only downside is that it is really expensive and very short. So the idea of making my own system was created. To keep the costs down I can’t make a full body armor. So I went with the idea to put everything inside the weapon. This allows for a cheap compact system. The problem is that you can’t shoot people directly from the back because the IR receivers will have no detection there. But it gives people more freedom because there is no heavy suit obstructing their movement. Being an avid player of videogames I have played some interesting gamemodes that I would like to recreate.

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jorisplusplus wrote 07/08/2015 at 23:18 point

More details coming soon.Can't find some of the schematics

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