Cheap and easy NFC Ring

Made from electrical tape and hot glue. It's ugly, but very functional.

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After seeing another NFC ring project on here, I decided I wanted one too.
I used the same basic idea, only with stuff I already had lying around.
It doesn't look quite as nice as Joes, but seems to work just as well.

I tore the NFC guts out of a cheap key chain tag from eBay.
The ring form was made out of duct tape around a sharpie.
This was made the correct size by testing with another ring I had that fit.
A layer of electrical tape, sticky side out went around that.
Then the coil was wrapped around that, and re-soldered after I broke the wire off the chip.
Once It was tested and verified functional, it was potted in hot glue.
While still hot, it was turned in a lathe, and smoothed out by hand.
Once it cooled, the edges were trimmed with a side cutter.

Overall it took about 45 minutes and a $2 nfc tag.

The software I used to unlock my phone is NFC LockScreenOff Enabler.
  • 1 × NFC key tag Sourced from ebay
  • 1 × Tape Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components
  • 1 × Hot glue

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