Back in Action

A project log for Home Power Usage Monitor

Gather power data from the breaker panel and beam it to a Raspberry Pi for storage and web serving

drew-yenzerDrew Yenzer 02/27/2016 at 19:200 Comments

After a brief 6 month long hiatus, I've started working on this again. Some things I've done since the last project log:

The actual power monitor device has all the functionality to be standalone now, but before I can call it that I'd like to finish up a few more things:

As for the rPi, the plan is:

If anyone was following this waiting for an opportunity to build, the hardware is working now and you should be able to recreate it. Just software development from here on out. Lastly, I updated the repository with the latest files, and I'll add more pictures to this site shortly. It might be a while before my next post, but hopefully not 6 months!