Amplifier Design and Laser Cutting

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a biofeedback wristband with galvanic skin response: giving insight into emotions

qquuiinnqquuiinn 07/19/2015 at 22:410 Comments

I attended the hackaday collaboratorium to fix some of the amplifier issues. A few community members offered help, but the most useful advice was a link to the eevblog video tutorials about opamps. I watched all of the videos and was then able to add another stage to my amplifier circuit, giving it more gain but not at the cost of bandwidth. I should be able to move to software now thanks to the great community on Additionally, I will be redesigning the final case because I won $100 worth of Ponoko credit. I will be taking advantage of the variety of materials offered to make a leather watchstrap, bamboo faceplate, and scratchproof acrylic window. The bulk of the watch will still be 3d printed, however. For now, I will brush up on my Inkscape skills and continue to work towards the August 17 deadline to try and make a finsihed prototype.