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A project log for bioloop

a biofeedback wristband with galvanic skin response: giving insight into emotions

qquuiinnqquuiinn 07/15/2016 at 23:480 Comments

Bioloop, since 2014, has existed in three different forms

  1. Mid 2014, designed to use IR LEDS to track heart rate. Connected with an attiny85 and vibration motor, it would alert users during heart rate spikes caused by anxiety attacks. Very similar to #The Temperizer . Never got out the front gate.
  2. Early 2015, this was the version I entered in the Hackaday Prize. GSR electrodes connected to wrist, feedback through a LED matrix. No storage. Initial design was to have all feedback be instant. Had some really good prototypes but no fruit.
  3. Late 2015/Early 2016, the current version. Essentially a minimalist, version of v2 with datalogging. I have the schematics and BOM lined up with finalized software and hope to make this one my 'finished prototype'

I have everything in order to start ordering parts for my final version, which should be done hopefully buy the fall of 2016 if everything goes fast and according to plan. Stay tuned, as I will be updating the github folder with relevant project files.