Bottle propeller motor

A bottle cap with a propeller that uses a pressurized soda bottle to drive a tip jet propeller

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We all know water rockets, this is much the same.

Instead of just chucking the water overboard, this contraption uses it to drive a propeller, using the simplest drive method there is, tip jets. This should provide about 27N of thrust, whilst making the prop spin at 10krpm, and who doesn't like things spinning at 10krpm?

To do this, a rotating seal and bearing is needed. both are provided by the easy to obtain 608 bearing (the ones in skates). this is housed in a 3d printed bottle cap, that also houses a presta valve from a bike tire, to get compressed air in. An M8 bolt with a hole thru the middle forms an axle that the prop is mounted to. An aditional M4 bolt is used as a thottle valve. 2 20cm 3d printed blades are bolted together around the axle to form the prop. These have a channel in them and the all important nozzle at the tip.

I'm doing this quick project together with my coworker [Hans}, we both work at PAL-V, a flying car company (no really, google it).
  • 1 × 3d printed bottle cap will publish stl soon
  • 2 × 3d printed propeller blades will publish stl soon
  • 1 × M8 x 30mm bolt with 2 hole2 drilled in it
  • 1 × 608 bearing with seals shields will work too, but will not keep a charge of air
  • 2 × M8 nuts

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Gabriel wrote 04/14/2016 at 22:32 point

... did this fly?

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Sander wrote 07/10/2015 at 09:40 point

I've added a new picture with a more complete assembly, this should clear things up a bit more.

The air valve is located in the bend bit that's on the red bottle cap. It wasn't visible in the previous subassy.

It not intended for flight only, but it should non the less. We will include a "straw" to the bottom of the bottle so the bottle hangs from the prop. Or you can use a bent straw and lay it flat. ty-rap it to a roller skate for a car, or 2 additional bottles (which can be charged as well) and get a boat.

As for control, we don't have any:) open the throttle and see what happens. 

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Gabriel wrote 07/13/2015 at 17:42 point

Please let me know when this is ready! take videos!

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Gabriel wrote 07/09/2015 at 22:01 point

I get the construction/assembly from your description and seems like a pretty solid idea. I like how simple it is - Except for the props.

What I do not understand is the location of the Bike/Air valve. its not in the same axis as the M8 bolt right? I'm guessing its off center, not visible in the 3D drawing.

Also, do you intend for this to fly? cause controlling a water bottle over a single prop is going to be fun - Inverted pendulum out of hell. Thats something id like to watch!

Cool project.

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