An ESP-12 ESP8266 breakout board for your analog RGB ledstrips, floodlights and digital ledstrips

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With this ESP-12 breakout board you can connect analog RGB ledstrips, floodlights and digital ledstrips to an esp8266 so you can control your lights with WiFi.
Because LEDs are energy friendly, it´s better for the environment and it´s more awesome to! :D

-It has support for 5 and 12V LED strips.
-Support for almost all LED strips currently available. For example, but not limited to: WS2811, WS2812, Neopixel, WS2801 and RGB.
-A button to turn the EspLight into Access Point mode, so you can connect your phone or laptop with it and you can set up you local wifi router with a web interface.
-A programming mode button.
-A reset button.

The firmware:
Because it´s open source, you can make your own firmware for it.
If I finish the Kickstarter ( I will add the following features to make it "noob friendly":
-A Windows/Linux program to easy install/upgrade the EspLight.

-An Android app with at the very least:

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