Not the update you all wanted I guess..

A project log for Project 'Landlord'

Open source firmware for Worx Landroid robotic mower.

Daniel WiegertDaniel Wiegert 09/28/2021 at 10:510 Comments

Hello all!

First of all, Sorry for not answering you guys at all more or less. Also, I just noticed the link is bad to the io diagram so here is the link again:

And the progress? Well there is none. I didn't have energy or time to continue at the time and I also hoped that competition in the market would make the machines better. Not WORSE what I can see they went. So in my eyes the competition only made companies want more profit from existing customers... Sadly.. 
I also made some progress with DB504 model. I made both 504 & 275 able to move around, start stop mower, start stop charging etc. but this is where I stopped.

There are techniques to have GPS based navigation down to a few cm position (With RTK gps base station etc)
I am pretty sure it would be possible to program a simple map only with compass and length meter too, it wouldn't be precise at all but I'm sure basic navigation with this technique would be possible, especially with the modern mcu:s that has a lot of compute power.

So where am I with this project today?
I am still interested in developing a new firmware. Especially since no progress have been made at all what I can see in the market..

Worx still seems pretty cheap and rather easy enough. I don't have any motherboards from the later year models at all. Hopefully they haven't changed much at all but I have no idea.
So if anyone out there would like to dokument, take hi res photos (Without a potato camera please!) I might be able to cross reference the different models. If I would continue this it would not be very smart to use a soon 8 year old robot for this. but if the motherboards are close enough the code could be somewhat universal.

Hopefully some of you that are truly interested in this project developing a new firmware are getting this message and maybe we can figure something out together.