Bricked and unbricked! :)

A project log for Project 'Landlord'

Open source firmware for Worx Landroid robotic mower.

Daniel WiegertDaniel Wiegert 10/30/2015 at 11:110 Comments

Yes, I managed to brick my landroid. I even got a bit worried before I managed to unbrick it again. And while unbricking it via jtag/swd I made a simple modification to please the programming god!

This is just a proof of concept that I managed to unbrick and flashed my modified firmware via openOCD.

The next step would be to do a REAL 'Hello World', but for this I have to identify the unknown 128x64 chip-on-glass display.

I tried to dismantle but the pieces seams glued stuck and I don't want to break anything. So I'll search around and see if there are any standards how to speak to the display.

It talks via SPI and uses 8 pins.

  1. * K
  2. * CSB
  3. * A0
  4. * SCLK
  5. * SDA
  6. * VDD
  7. * GND

I also noticed I missed to identify an IC, probobly an RTC (Real Time Clock) type of chip:

I can't find anything on this, so if anyone has better luck please let me know!