Dougie's Bench Supply

because analog gauges are cool

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Honestly I just needed something to prop up my monitor, but I had these old analog ammeters kicking around (I have a lot of old junk kicking around) so I decided to build a triple-purpose device.

1) bench supply. It's a PC power supply underneath, so 3.3,. 5 and 12, with a 24V port that hasn't had its supply installed yet. The digital readout on the lower left corner will eventually be a variable supply probably based on somebody's lm1117 hack or similar. If you look really close you'll see a cutout for a potentiometer.

2) it's an ammeter. Actually 4. From left to right 25mA, 300mA, 100uA and 10A.

3) it holds my monitor up so I don't hunch

4) keyboard slips underneath when I need more bench space.

One cool thing about this project is that the panel, made of Sintra, was cut out using a CNC router, Solidworks and CAMBAM. So I can make more or very easily change the panel if I want.

the panel on the left is expansion space, probably a data logger.

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