Personal Obstacle Proximity Detector (POPD)

A handheld device designed for the blind to detect obstacles at the head level, in front and the irregularities of the ground simultaneously

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This gadget has been designed to replace the traditional "White Cane" used by blind people. It consist in an array of ultrasonic sensor that scan from the floor to the ceiling at the same time in search of obstacles in front of the device like object hanging from the ceiling and holes in the ground.
Like the "White Cane", the POPD should be waved from side to side scanning the whole area in front of the person. If something is detected inside the 4' safety space a wireless signal is sent to the bands or vest to the corresponding vibrating motor so it alerts the person from where the obstacle is coming.
We have envision that this device can have several other designs like be embeded in a white cane, in a vertical and/or horizontal stick and in a mouse like handheld where sensors and vibrating motors are integrated together.

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