Pixel8 | LED Pixel Art

An interactive, wireless 16×16 pixel canvas that displays your images and animations.

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Pixel8 is a 16×16 pixel canvas driven by an internet-capable processor (ESP8266 SoC) that displays user-uploaded content, specifically images and animations. This project is inspired by similar pixel-style displays, such as PixelBrite and Game Frame.

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Pixel8 is a digital canvas comprised by a matrix of 256 ultra-bright LED pixels. Each LED pixel can be individually controlled to display millions (24-bit) of colors, so they're perfect for displaying 'LED (pixel) art' such as your favorite frames and animations from classic video games!

Pixel8's pixels are controlled by a tiny processor, the ESP8266 System-on-Chip (SoC). This powerful-yet-inexpensive chip additionally allows Pixel8 to be configured over Wi-Fi through an intuitive web interface.

Pixel8 allows us to upload our favorite 16×16 images (.jpg format) using a web browser. We can then set parameters for adjusting the time intervals between the images, and also displaying cool animations!

To be continued...

  • First prototype

    ACROBOTIC Industries05/08/2018 at 03:24 0 comments

    The ESP8266 (WeMos) firmware is coming along nicely!

    ✅ JPEG decoding 
    ✅ HTTP file upload
    ✅ Custom NeoPixel Matrix

    Next up is working on the frame where I'm going to be mounting the electronics.

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