The radio is alive. The quad is dead.

A project log for Crazyradio for Cheapskates

Turning a wireless mouse USB adapter into a quadcopter transmitter

ajlittajlitt 07/14/2015 at 02:560 Comments

Got my Crazyflie in the mail today. I frantically opened the package, admired all the parts, and hooked the main board up to my PC to see if I could connect. cfclient saw the Crazyflie on the radio and connected cleanly. 100% signal strength in the client app with the radio and quad just a few feet apart.

But the contents of the console window weren't so positive: the self-test failed to find any of the IMU devices on the I2C bus. I beeped out the bus at the pullups, and there don't seem to be any shorts. The forum suggests this is not uncommon and likely a soldering problem.

I'm sure I can get it replaced or repaired by Bitcraze. Regardless I'm considering this project a success.