Progress Update!

A project log for Compost Shredder Upgrade

Motorizing and increasing the capacity of a 3D-printed compost shredder

Will F.Will F. 10/26/2015 at 01:050 Comments

Thought I abandoned this project didn't you? Fear not, faithful hackers, I am back with some progress!

I've made some good strides in the past few days. Did I mention before that I'm trying to spend as little money as possible doing this project? I guess I should make that clear. Anyway..on to the details!

I started out by building a bottom support frame. This is the platform that will hold the shredder, motor, and power supply in one convenient spot. It will also let me attach some larger boards so that I can suspend the shredder in the middle of the compost bin.

I made sure the long pieces are thinner than the sidewalls of the shredder so that they don't get gunk on them. The shredder also lifts out for easy cleaning. I know using hose clamps as motor mounting hardware is extremely janky, I'll put a more purpose-built housing on it once I get the wiring figured out. Or, y'know, If the hose clamps don't actually work. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Coming along quite well!

I picked up a free psu from my local makerspace part bin. 24v output should be everything I need.

using some scrap acrylic from a previous project, and leftover wood from the support frame, I made a very simple housing for the PSU. It should provide enough protection from whatever might escape the chute, and I can always beef it up later.

Symmetry and exact dimensions are for squares!

Using some salvaged cable from a laptop power brick, I connected a male plug to the PSU. That way I can plug it in to an extension cord and use it wherever.

Not pictured: the top plate.

I'm currently in the middle of securing the PSU to the stand, and wiring up the PSU to the motor. In the next update, expect more wiring, putting the chain on the two sprockets, and maybe the first test videos!