Resurrecting a Project

A project log for 127 TowerPro Servos, one I2C interface.

Taking the cheap and strong TowerPro MG995 servos (and siblings) and reprogramming them to accept commands and report position via I2C.

willWill 07/23/2015 at 23:310 Comments

I started this project in August 2008, that is almost exactly 7 years ago. Problem was I had another project on the go at the same time, and a PhD to finish. Then came the paying job and some new interests. Needless to say, this one got left in a box, half finished.

Luckily I left myself some notes, so hopefully I can skip some of the stumbling blocks I hit before. As I work back to the undiscovered edge of this project I'll post what I have found. I'll begin with the reverse engineering of the servo and work towards reprogramming it. Spoiler alert, I already know that it can be done, and I've already given some of that away in the project title and description. But lets pretend that we don't know because a voyage of discovery is more exciting reading (and writing).