HamShield Progress

A project log for HamShield: VHF/UHF transceiver for Arduino

HamShield lets your Arduino talk to far away people and things using amateur radio bands (Coverage: 136-170MHz, 200-260MHz, 400-520MHz)

Casey HalversonCasey Halverson 07/13/2015 at 22:450 Comments

Over the last year, we have been developing the HamShield.

Here is a view of our first prototype:

The next revision had far less greenwiring:

And finally, our final revision:

We have also built a neat attachment for computer use. Here is our Chrome browser app with the HamShield + Arduino clipped on the back for mobile text messaging anywhere over amateur radio (APRS Messenger):

Here is the start of our solar powered HamShield. The hope is to make it possible to build off-grid communication networks using the HamShield technology: