Wiring complete

A project log for Car Journey Logger

A simple data logger that logs the time and date of ignition on and ignition off events.

David HopkinsDavid Hopkins 07/15/2015 at 11:030 Comments

all parts assembled and wired in, first run of code complete

the switch is so that i can turn the whole thing off (disconnect the battery)

the flying lead is so that i can test ignition on and off events without having to play about with a 12 v supply

code will be on github soon, its fairly heavy on the Nano with 6 libraries running time, sleep, SD etc, im sure there can be som improvements there but we shall see.

it could make expansion to further stages tricky, alternately, i could crack out a teensy3.1 if needed.



further testing will involve a 12v supply and a longer period of time...

also battery cpacity testing needs to be done: fully charge battery, then see how long it lasts