Just a bunch of scrap symbols, logos and artwork that I've made during my projects. Eventually I had enough small pieces that constituted a whole panel. 

It was also an opportunity to demonstrate my panelizing skills. This template is designed to be sent through SMT assembly lines. It features:

Orientation directions printed on the silkscreen for Technicians,

Fiducials for Pick 'n Place Machines,

Test pads for Copper Impedance control,

Silkscreen block for notes,

One of the items on this panel is a small box that is designed to be soldered together. It is based on the wonderful work of  shown here: https://hackaday.com/2015/06/03/how-to-build-beautiful-enclosures-from-fr4-aka-pcbs/

In the effort to make the individual sides of the box easy to panalize, some of the pieces are actually upside down so that they tessellate better. This has the consequence of changing the PCB layers that the artwork is featured on. 

I.e. I wasn't intending to print the Bottom Silkscreen on this panel. Therefore I was limited to having Silkscreen on only 3 sides of the box (when fully assembled).