First Attempt

A project log for Snooty Cat Waterer

A device for watering cats who will only drink fresh from the tap water. The goal here was to NOT use a micro and keep it simple.

BrianBrian 04/02/2014 at 19:141 Comment

Considering how hastily built the PCB was I am pleased with how it functions. I am currently getting about 3"  range on detecting the Cat. It is a bit better for humans. Brain fart on the active low output vs N-FET. I was able to easily deadbug a P-FET on the sensor board to invert the signal to the power mosfet on the other board. Will get a schematic posted soon..

Current issues:
• Not been able to identify a good fitting to connect the valve to the toilet water. Currently using gravity to get water out of the tank, which does not provide adequate flow for cat's fancy.
• Cat is adverse to new technologies.
• Could use a one shot for keeping the valve on through sensor hiccups.


Brian wrote 04/03/2014 at 04:04 point
Actually a N channel MOSFET see schematic

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