Testing WiFi Router and Buttons

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Virtual reality recording and streaming using the Raspberry Pi

Costas VavCostas Vav 08/04/2015 at 20:250 Comments

The Wireless-N wifi router arrived. With a quick setup, it is working perfectly.

Tested streaming to my laptop from both RPi at the same time at 1296x972 with 30 FPS. Result is low latency (around 200ms) and no bandwidth issues. The router fixed the issue from before. Not completely sure it is truly 30 FPS, but I will look into that later.

While waiting for the router to arrive, I started using buttons with the RPi using Python. I have in mind to control the start and stop of streaming with buttons, along with recording and possibly other settings like brightness. Buttons appear very easy to work with and had no troubles working with the RPi.GPIO Python library. Not sure if all GPIO pins can work as input without using resistors (I know some can), so I ordered some anyways.