Canis Draconis Mechanicus Adeptus Powered Armor

Wulf Dragoon, Slayer of Dragons, Conqueror of Death, Fearless Abode of Almighty Strength, and Cheesiest Title of Cheese.

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I have been at work for years devising armor and designs, the one picture is my favorite so far, it has been stripped of joints as I am rebuilding them all on my new design for the first physical build.

1000's of hours of work and 1000's left.

With the help of anyone able, and the collaboration of a fledgling community of exoskeleton DIY'ers this will be the ultimate application for artificial muscle powered systems. That I would like to place in the hands of the public in a less armored image. Bio-mimetic systems that mimic billions of years of evolution to take advantage of the highest endurance on land and in the air will enable the suit to go farther and faster more efficiently than anything else on earth.

Work will become play, the commute a brisk jog, and a business trip a sight seeing glide. Join me and we shall create robots in our own image.

The first step is to draw in the new joints and muscles, next I must finish the muscles and ultra-capacitors, while collaborating with my cohorts


It seems like now is the time to form a community of exo enthusiasts to band together politically so that all may have the right to bear robot arms.

After I get the joints/muscles drawn in it's time to print the suit out in with pepakura and glue it together making molds of parts to create composites for. That is the known part the rest is shadows.

  • Helmet Mold Video

    MECHANICUS01/21/2016 at 13:54 0 comments

  • Helmet Mold Begins

    MECHANICUS01/18/2016 at 15:53 0 comments

    Stayed up all night working on this, the fourth pepakura model I have built of a helmet. I think this one will finally work its all floppy cock right now but I will epoxy it today and reinforce the innards with styrofoam in order to allow vacuum molding over the positive.

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