Added Buttons ,Animated Weather Icons & Notifications

A project log for Open Source Smart Watch

Based on the stm32f4 cortex-m4 mcu, 1.44" TFT LCD , HC-05 and Android App.

montassarMontassar 07/31/2015 at 09:290 Comments

1) Added 4 buttons on the side:

I soldered 4 of the buttons ( I got some vertical standing ones) on the side of the screen. These will be the main user input for the device.

It is directly connected to PA1/2/3/4 and each button has an interrupt handler.

The schematic is really easy for these: I have 3V going through each button and a capacitor for debounce handling ( I use 100nF in this case )

PS: Using the vertical buttons turned out to be bad decision (hard to solder & easy to break after long period of clicking) . Do not use them !

2) Animated weather icons :

The next big thing is the weather icons now are animated. I got this done via creating a bitmap with the different frames of the animation , later on the function on the watch loops through the bitmap array each time display a part which matches certain frame.

In this example I use 4 frames with 50*50 px for each one ( total of 50*200px)

PS: I created these in photoshop.

3) Notifications:

Well, an essential part of this project was displaying phone notifications such as push notifications from different apps, messages , incoming calls.

Now that is possible via a simple interrupt functions that checks what type of notification is and the content then display.

The appinventor2 does not allow for application to run in background ( to keep monitoring & updating the watch) . That's why this is not fully what I need. I guess I will have to start writing a native app soon.


I wanted to convey what I was thinking from the start for this watch to end up like, so here is 3D model I made few days ago.

Next step ?

- On the software side :

- On the hardware side :