Gaming added to the watch with CHIP 8

A project log for Open Source Smart Watch

Based on the stm32f4 cortex-m4 mcu, 1.44" TFT LCD , HC-05 and Android App.

montassarMontassar 09/03/2015 at 12:580 Comments

Before proceeding with the project log, let me thank all joined me in this and started following my project. I also apologize for not updating for a while.

Ok, few days ago I came across lots of emulation info while trying to write my own NES emulator in C++ . Unfortunately I couldn't write a NES emulator but, I found an easier target which was the CHIP 8. Everything went smoothly and I did that and that's when I got the idea of writing the emulator for the smart watch.

It was a super easy straightforward process that took me a day to write the emulator for PC and an hour to convert it for the smart watch.

I found this amazing tutorial for writing the emulator at (You can read more about it there )

Game screenshots:

Brief notes:


So far the watch :

  1. Has a decent watch face with the weather/time/date.
  2. Displays notifications.
  3. Has games which can be loaded on the CHIP 8 Emulator.

Thinking outside of the box:

The emulator is good for games but it's not just limited to the games actually. Other programs can be written for CHIP 8 and with the right code it can be loaded to the smart watch over Bluetooth to achieve something like what the pebble has.