PCBs from Oshpark are here !!!

A project log for Open Source Smart Watch

Based on the stm32f4 cortex-m4 mcu, 1.44" TFT LCD , HC-05 and Android App.

montassarMontassar 11/09/2015 at 15:590 Comments

I just got the PCBs I ordered from Oshpark today and I must say I'm really impressed by how fast it got here.

I placed the order and it got automatically upgraded to Super Swift Service ( for free ! ) The boards were done within 6 days , shipped and It was here within 8 days ! Beauty , Thankx oshpark !!

About the PCBs:

These are breakout boards for the STM32F103CBT6 which I will be using for the next prototype. I ordered the MCUs from ebay and it should be here soon ( hopefully ).

These are the boards I designed for "The Square Inch Project". More updates soon.